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Electronic or Bound

Was reading Weekly Meanderings on Jesus Creed and came across this article. What are your thoughts?

5 reasons to use your bound bible & not your smartphone in church


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In case you haven’t already read these excellent articles, check out Edwin Crozier’s articles.

Five Lies Pornography Tells Men

Five More Lies Pornography Tells Men

A Final Five More Lies Pornography Tells Men

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Resident Aliens

I would like to recommend a series of articles by Jay Guin. This is the first installment and sounds interesting. I hope to do some post on David Lipscomb’s “Civil Government”, which Jay Guin mentions, at some point. The topic being addressed is very difficult especially for Americans. Enjoy.

Resident Aliens, By Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon, Part 1

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