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Coffee is extremely complex chemically and physically, each green bean containing around 500 aromatic and flavor components. And that’s just for starters. Roasting increases that count three-fold, the heat creating entirely new components while also intensifying the elements present prior to roasting. Length and temperature of the roast ultimately determine how fully the raw bean is transformed. Wine, considered among the most complex and nuanced beverages, has but 300-400 components. In tech terms, coffee is data rich, bursting with sensory information that taste alone can’t process.

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I was given a heads up about this article from Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed.


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Folgers french pressed

Ok, this disturbs me that I am writing this, but I have to. Time for coffee at work and I have forgotten to get filters. What to do? My co-worker reminds me that he has his french press. So here goes Folgers french pressed. Brewed it a little strong, yet not bitter. This shocked me. It is actually a good drink. My co-worker has brewed his and has added cream and some local honey (Poppa’s Wildflower Honey) to sweeten. I think I will try that for the next cup.

A Votre Sante!

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French Press

I love coffee. I drink too much coffee. However, I am not a fanatic, not yet at least. I have a drip coffee maker at home, where I usually brew Eight O’clock Original. Just tried their Columbian. Prefer their Original. Will have to try there French Roast soon. Anyways…I have a grinder at home and I buy the beans from the local Coffee shop “Berkley Bob’s”. Love it and love Bob and Geri.

Well today I had my first experience with a French press. A coworker brought his in to finish off some coffee he had purchased. At work we have a forty cup maker, that we keep Folgers in, so this was a welcome change. I really enjoyed it. I have been thinking about getting a French press. It is very simple. Cannot wait to see how Bob’s coffee taste after being made in one.

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